Optimo na Pitchfork

julho 30, 2007

A Pitchfork começou hoje com essa história de mixtape. Toda última segunda-feira do mês vai ter um lá no site. O primeiro ficou a cargo do JD Twitch, da dupla escocesa Optimo. Tem Tim Maia, Black Sabbath e Sonic Youth.

Rola uma entrevista com o cara também. Ele vai explicando cada música que aparece no mix. Quando ele fala sobre a do Tim Maia, Rational Culture, ele conta que não conhecia nada do som do Tim até há tempo atrás, quando veio ao Brasil e deram de presente pra ele o disco. Lê só esse trechinho da entrevista:

02. Tim Maia: “Rational Culture”

Pitchfork: And then we go directly into Brazil. Tim Mi-ee-a? Is that how you say it?

JD Twitch: I think so, I don’t actually know. We played in Sao Paolo and Rio in February and the promoter who brought us over really treated us like family. And he knew we really like vinyl and particularly all the Tropicália from the late 60s and early 70s and he pulled me this record when I was there and was like, “You have to have this record!” And I just really fell in love with it. The guy is a member of some really bizarre religious cult. It’s kind of the equivalent of the Scientologists in Brazil, maybe a little more far in than that. And he made this record to try and promote his religion. But I think this song, there is something really great about it.
Pitchfork: Yeah, I guess he had a run-in with marijuana a couple of times.

JD Twitch: Oh really? Oh, I didn’t know that.

Pitchfork: Yeah, he was supposed to be big in the US and then he was found with a lot of marijuana on him.

JD Twitch: Alright! Okay, I had never heard of him before.
Pitchfork: I think he got on with the Os Mutantes for a while. they kind of brought him under their wing after he was exported from the U.S.

JD Twitch: Oh, OK. I’ll find out about that because I am working on a collaboration with them at the moment, which we are going to perform in July. I’ve been communicating with the main guy, Sergio Diaz, so I’ll him about that the next time I email him.
Pitchfork: You’re collaborating with Tim Maia?

JD Twitch: No, with Os Mutantes.

Essa última pergunta é ótima.


One Response to “Optimo na Pitchfork”

  1. Mary Fê Says:

    o pitchfork pergunta porque parece q o jd twitch ta falando mesmo ‘eles’ tim maia + mutantes. pareceu uma pergunta pega na mentiiiiraaa. 🙂
    seu blog é ótimo, mosk

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